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NT.VMR Doc ID 200001


380-420 CE


Claire Clivaz , Priscille Marschall , Mina Monier



Dated around 400 CE by Bruce Metzger, G.VII.15 or codex k or VL 1 or Codex Bobbiensis, is one of the oldest Latin manuscripts of the Gospels. It includes Mk 8,8 to Mt 15,36 on 96 folios (lac. 1 folio between 48v and 49r and 4 folios between 94v and 95r). It is known for having the shorter ending of Mark, but in a version slightly different from the Greek one (see for example GA 019, GA 044, GA 099 or the bilingual L1602). In the conclusio brevior, it notably reads qui “cum puero erant” instead of “qui cum Petro erant”, a reading maintained by the two correctors of VL 1. Other interesting variants are present in Mark 16:1 and 8b, as well as the addition of a full verse between 16,3 and 16,4. Claire Clivaz, SNSF MARK16 project, SIB Lausanne (CH); © CC-BY 4.0