MARK16 Manuscript Room

Welcome to the MARK16 manuscript room, MARK16 MR. It is the first part of a virtual research environment (VRE) devoted to the last chapter of the Gospel according to Mark, developed in the framework of the Swiss National Science Foundation PRIMA project MARK16.

The users will find in it a selection of 61 manuscripts and transcriptions for the study of Mark 16. Translations are also provided for ancient languages other than Greek and Latin, along with some translations of Greek and Latin non-biblical material, like commentaries. MARK16 is a bridge between scholars engaged in New Testament textual criticism and exegesis by providing material focusing on a chapter well known for its diversity in evidence and readings through centuries. Being inspired by the developments of the Editio Critica Maior, it provides manuscripts in eleven ancient languages.

This project has been led in privileged partnership with the New Testament Virtual Manuscript Room (INTF, Münster), and we are particularly grateful to Dr. Gregory Paulson for the constant dialogue we have around our project and the NTVMR, created by Troy Griffitts. The content of the MARK16 manuscript room is provided in partnership with about thirty colleagues, and several academic institutions and libraries, whose logos stand on the concerned pages. We are enormously thankful to all of them. Each webpage indicates who transcribed, encoded and/or translated the material, entirely available in license CC BY 4.0. The data are stored in a collection of the open public depositories DaSCH and Nakala (Huma-Num) accompanied with metadata, which follows the Dublin Core categories.

As the Principal Investigator of this project, I would like to acknowledge the talents and the efforts of Mina Monier on this manuscript room, joined by Elisa Nury and Priscille Marschall in the encoding of the manuscripts. My warm gratitude extends to our software developers, Jean-Bernard Dugied who started the web beta application, and to Jonathan Barda, Core-IT (SIB), who produced the beta version in September 2020. All our recognition goes to Silvano Aldà (Core-IT, SIB), who has led the MARK16 API to its final state, available on GitHub. Finally, the MARK16 MR is also in warm debt towards the constant support of our IT-SIB colleagues

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