syH6 Images © Chaldean Antonian Order Library, St. Hormizd Monastery (Alqosh, Irak) Chaldean Antonian Order Library, St. Hormizd Monastery (Alqosh, Irak)

NT.VMR Doc ID 700004

Chaldean 25

9th-10th or 10th-11th c. CE

Classical Syriac

David Taylor

Mina Monier



The Chaldean 25 (syH6) is hosted in the depository of the Chaldean Antonian Order of St. Hormizd O.A.O.C. (Alqosh, Irak). Dated in recent scholarly debates of the 9th-10th century CE by Samer Soreshow Yohanna (2015), but of the 10th-11th century CE by Andreas Juckel (2019), it represents the Harklean version with a very “careful writing and full of Greek words in the margins” (Scher, 1906). It has been used as basis for the 2015 edition of the Syriac Harklean Gospel of Mark by Yohanna, who describes it as “written on parchment, it measures 215 X 155 mm. It contains 229 leaves (458 pages) with 23-24 lines per page. […] A peculiarity of manuscript C is that the letter Nun almost always has a long tail” (p. 27-28). It present the shorter ending in the marginal note of f. 98v. At the start of its second line, one reads ܐܘܕܥ̣ܢܢ “we made known” (a scribal error for Yohanna or a manuscript default for Taylor); it is editorially recommended to read the word as ܐܘܕܥ̣ܝܢ, “they [f. pl.] made known”. The marginal note also contains a quotation from Severus of Antiochus, who mentions that in some manuscripts the text ends in 16:8. However, syH6 presents the long ending until v. 13, and the last folio has been lost. Claire Clivaz, SNSF MARK16 project, SIB Lausanne (CH); © CC-BY 4.0