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NT.VMR Doc ID 700004

Vat. sir. 268

858 CE

Classical Syriac

Albert Frey , Sara Schulthess

Mina Monier


Vat. sir. 268 is a “key witness to the four Gospels according to the Harklean version. Its value has been a matter of debate among scholars […who] do not agree on the date of the manuscripts although the colophon on page 172b provides the year 858. A. Juckel provides convincing arguments to date the manuscript between the eight and the ninth century. […] This manuscript is of vellum and comprises 172 leaves measuring 290x215mm. There is a single column on each page with up to 30 lines of text. The text is written in regular Estrangela script […and] contains approximately 85% of the Gospels, while the Gospel of Mark is 100% complete”. Samir Soreshow Yohanna, The Gospel of Mark in the Syriac Harklean Version. An Edition Based upon the Earliest Witnesses, Gregorian & Biblical Press, Rome, 2015, p. 39-41. Mk 16 is present with the long ending and the shorter ending in a marginal note.