sa 9 Images © The Morgan Library & Museum, New York

NT.VMR Doc ID 620009

MS M.569

9th-10th century CE


Siegfried G. Richter , Katharina D. Schröder

Mina Monier & INTF



The manuscript sa 9 is a 9th-10th century parchment codex of the four Gospels of which 113 (*127) leaves are preserved ( It is one of the manuscripts discovered in Hamouli in the Fayyum and belonged to the inventory of the Monastery of St. Michael. It was written between 822/23 and 913/14 A.D. (cf. Depuydt's catalogue, no. 13). The edition of the Gospel of Mark was made by G. Aranda Pérez. El evangelio de San Marcos en copto sahidico (Texto de M 569 y aparato crítico) (Textos y estudios „Cardenal Cisneros“ 45), Madrid 1988. The folios 59v to 60r hold the verses 16,1 to 16,20 in Sahidic. Hence both the short and the long ending of Mark are passed on in sa 9. After an introduction, verse 16,8 is supplemented with an addition on missionary work, followed by another introduction and verses 16,9–20. Siegfried G. Richter and Katharina D. Schröder, SNSF MARK16, CC BY 4.0