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NT.VMR Doc ID 620366

P. Duke Inv. 814

Not before 600 CE


Anne Boud'hors

Mina Monier



Catalogue record of the Duke University Library: Title: Gospel of Mark and Gospel of Luke, (not before 600). Uniform title: Bible. N.T. Mark. Coptic (Sahidic). Selections. Subject: Literary papyri --Egypt --640-1250. Other titles: Bible. N.T. Luke. Coptic (Sahidic). Selections. Material: parchment, two very incomplete fragments of a codex, mounted in glass. Note: Dimensions of fragments are 5.5 x 4.8 cm. or smaller. 23 lines. Written in a literary hand. P.Duk.inv. 814 was formerly P.Duk.inv. C 7. Parts of the Gospel of Mark and of Luke, written on fragments of a parchment codex from Egypt. Includes the Gospel of Mark 16:7 and the “shorter ending” and the Gospel of Luke 22:6 and 22:25. In Coptic. © Duke University Library;