sa 14L Images © Library of the University of Freiburg-im-Brisgau

NT.VMR Doc ID 620014

Hs. 615

7th-8th century CE


Siegfried G. Richter , Katharina D. Schröder

Mina Monier & INTF



The manuscript sa 14L is a 7th-8th century bilingual lectionary with 88 (*112) parchment leaves. The Freiburg fragments ( consist of 5 leaves (1ra-5vb) with readings for Thursday (Greek Lc. 24,3-12, Sahidic Lc. 24,1-12), Friday (Greek and Sahidic Mc. 16,2-20) and Saturday after Easter (Greek Lc. 24, 36f.). In the sequence of the Codex the Sahidic text follows after the Greek. The Greek and Coptic texts contain both the shorter as well as the longer ending of Mark. For further information, cf. Heer, Evangelienfragmente 1-47 (with two illustrations). Siegfried G. Richter and Katharina D. Schröder, SNSF MARK16, CC BY 4.0