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NT.VMR Doc ID 620102

K 9075

6th-9th CE


Priscille Marschall



sa 102 (or sa 612) has been dated between the 6th and 9th century CE (Balestri, Cramer for the 6th or 7th; Horner and Till for the 7th; Crum and Hyvernat for the 8th or the 9th). It is a parchment codex of the four Gospels in Sahidic Coptic from Egypt, of which 45 leaves are preserved (Schüssler, Biblia Coptica 4.1, p. 104-120). The leaves measure 31x23 cm and exhibit two columns per page, with 34 lines per column. In Mark, the following passages are preserved: 5,41-8,31; 12,23-25,27-28; 14,57-15,1; 16,8-20. Hosted at the National Library of Vienna (ÖNB, Austria), under the number K 9075 – page 196 and page 197 (Schüssler, Biblia Coptica 4.1, p. 116) – this leaf contains Mk 16:8-20 (sa 102 M or sa 612.14). It includes the longer ending and starts with the end of verse 8 (from “them and a confusion […]”). According to Anne Boud’hors and Sofia Torallas Tovar, it belongs to the Sahidic manuscripts of Mark 16 presenting the shorter ending like sa 14L and sa 474; it could have included the shorter ending, like sa 121 (see Boud’hors and Torallas Tovar COMSt Bulletin 8 [2022/2], p. 500-501). A final colophon seems to have been erased, when the second part of the codex has been added (Schüssler, p. 116). Priscille Marschall and Claire Clivaz (SNSF MARK16, CC BY 4.0).