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Dated to the first quarter/first half of the 6th c. and very probably produced in Ravenna for the Ostrogothic (Arian) Church, the purple manuscript known as Codex Argenteus is the sole witness to the Gospel of Mark in Gothic. This is part of Wulfila’s translation, which dates back to the mid-fourth century and depend on a lost Greek Vorlage. The manuscript, of which 188 folia out of 336 survive, transmits the Gospels in the ‘Western’ order (Mt-Jn-Lk-Mk). The Eusebian sections are indicated in the left margin, and the first line of text at the start of a Eusebian section is written in golden ink. Arcades of the Eusebian Canons are at the bottom of each page with the Evangelists’ names written in abbreviated form in golden ink. Nomina sacra for ‘Jesus’, ‘Lord’, ‘Christ’ and ‘God’ are present. The longer ending of Mark seems to have been part of Wulfila’s original translation. Carla Falluomini, SNSF MARK16 project; © CC-BY 4.0