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NT.VMR Doc ID 30888

Gr. Z. 26 (=340)

14th century CE

Ancient Greek

Mina Monier



This 14th century CE manuscript is a copy of Theophylact’s catena of the Gospels. In folio 231r, the copyist inserts a note before the long ending’s lemmata, saying: “φάσι τίνες τῷν ἐξηγητῶν ἐνταῦθα συμπληροῦσαι τὸ κατὰ Μαρκόν Εὐαγγέλιον, τα δέ ἐφεξῆς προσθήκην εἶναι μεταγενεστέραν. χρῇ δέ καί ταύτην ἑρμηνεῦσαι μηδέν τῇ αληθεία λυμαινομένους.” “Some of the exegetes say that this [Mark 16:8] is the fulfilment of the Gospel according to Mark, and that the following words became later. It is necessary, then, to interpret this [16:9-20] in order to maintain the truth unharmed.” Mina Monier, SNSF MARK16 project, SIB Lausanne (CH); © CC-BY 4.0