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NT.VMR Doc ID 32604

W 139

12th century CE

Ancient Greek

Garrick Allen , Anthony Royle

Mina Monier



CBL W 139 is an early twelfth-century Byzantine deluxe gospel codex held at the Chester Beatty in Dublin, Ireland. It contains the four canonical gospels along with multiple prefatory and other traditional apparatuses, including the Eusebian system with canon tables, liturgical divisions, synaxarion, menelogion, and five full page images of the evangelists and John Chrysostom. The gospels texts are also framed by catena which are extracts from early Christian literature. The codex has 378 folia. Mark 16 occurs on 176v-178r and six catena sections comment on aspects of the chapter, connected to verses 2, 3, 7, 9, 15, and 19. The chapter ends with a subscription that offers a take on the provenance of Mark and a stichos notation. Garrick Allen, Paratextual Understanding Templeton Religion Trust project, University of Glasgow ; © CC-BY 4.0