GA 2386 Images © The Morgan Library & Museum (New York, US)

NT.VMR Doc ID 32386

MS M.748

11th century CE

Ancient Greek

Mina Monier



GA 2386 is an 11th century minuscule with a Byzantine text. Folio 92v contains Mark 16:1-8, while the next folio is the beginning of Luke. It could be thought that this manuscript has the short ending. However, a closer examination of the codex shows that a folio after 92v and before Luke 1 is missing (in fact it was cut off with a sharp tool). One suggestion was that it was taken off in an act of theft: stealing the first page of each Gospel, which usually has beautiful icons. Therefore, this is an example of a case in which the type of Mark’s ending cannot be stated with certainty. Mina Monier, SNSF MARK16 project, SIB Lausanne (CH); © CC-BY 4.0