GA 044 Images © Monastery of the Lavra, Mount Athos (Greece) Monastery of the Lavra, Mount Athos (Greece)

NT.VMR Doc ID 20044

Lavra B.52

9th-10th century CE

Ancient Greek

Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung (Münster)



GA 044 (Codex ψ or Lavra B.52), 9th-10th century CE, is another case that reflects a different view of the scribe on how to handle the different Markan endings. As you can see, the scribe moves swiftly from Mark 16:8 to the shorter ending, without an introductory statement. This would suggest that the copyist’s exemplar saw the shorter ending as part of the fabric of Mark 16 (see Gregory 1866, Lias 1893 and Lake 1903). The longer ending follows, introduced with the statement in the body of the text “εστην δε και ταυτα φερομενα μετα το εφοβουντο γαρ” which clearly informs the reader that this is an alternative ending. Mina Monier and Claire Clivaz, SNSF MARK16 project, SIB Lausanne (CH); © CC-BY 4.0