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NT.VMR Doc ID 20003

Vat. gr. 1209

4th century CE

Ancient Greek

Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung (Münster)



Dated to the 4th century, Codex Vaticanus Graecus is one of the earliest biblical codices. The Gospel of Mark ends at page 1303. The last verse is Mark 16:8 in lines 25-31 of the second column, followed by the concluding subscriptio Κατα Μαρκον. Instead of starting the Gospel of Luke in the following column, as he/she usually does with the rest of the codex texts, the scribe leaves it empty and begins the Gospel of Luke in the following page. It is possible that the scribe was aware of Mark 16:9-20, yet he following his exemplar that lacked it. So, he may have left the third column blank for the discretion of the reader/owner of the codex. Written by Mina Monier, SNSF MARK16 project, © CC-BY 4.0