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The manuscript EMML 1832 is a famous codex generally known under the title of Tetravangelion of Iyasus Mo’a. It was the property of Iyasus Mo’a (1214-1293 C.E.), abbot of the monastery of Dabra Ḥayq Esṭifānos on Lake Ḥayq. It contains the four Gospels. Mark 16:1-20 appears on f. 179r-180v, including the conclusio brevior (f. 179v). Apart from its magnificent illuminations, this manuscript is noteworthy for its great antiquity. Indeed, according to a short notice on f. 23r, this manuscript was copied in the year 1280/1 C.E. at the behest of Iyasus Mo’a himself. As a consequence, this Ethiopic codex might be the oldest dated manuscript preserving the shorter ending of Mark in this language. Damien Labadie (CNRS) © SNSF Project MARK16 CC BY 4.0