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The Paris BnF éthiopien 32 is a manuscript written on parchment. It is dated to the 13th century, though S. Grébaut would rather date it to the third quarter of the 14th century. It contains 207 folia, each folio containing two columns of 26-27 lines. Mark 16: 1-20 appears on f. 100v-102r. The Paris BnF éthiopien 32 is an interesting witness to the Ab recension (according to R. Zuurmond’s classification), which is extant in only three manuscripts (the other two being Abba Garima 2 and London BFBS Eth. 193). The Ab recension is one of the most ancient recensions of the Ge’ez Gospel of Mark, dating back to the Zagwe dynasty (12th-13th c.). But, more importantly, the Paris BnF éthiopien 32 is among the oldest undated Ethiopic manuscripts preserving the shorter ending of Mark (16:9 or conclusio brevior), which is then immediately followed by the long ending (16:9-20). There is no break or sign of transition between the shortest ending (16:8), the shorter ending (16:9) and the long ending (16:9-20). Damien Labadie (CNRS) © SNSF Project MARK16 CC BY 4.0