CSR Pc Printed edition © St-Petersburg, National Library of Russia

NT.VMR Doc ID 720001

Syr. n°16

5th-8th century CE

Christian Palestinian Aramaic

Alain J. Desreumaux , Mark Geller

Elisa Nury and Claire Clivaz



In 1855, Tischendorf brought 109 folios from the Sinai monastery to the library of St-Petersburg, catalogued as “St-Petersburg Syr. n°16,” and all belonging to the Codex Sinaiticus Rescriptus (CRSP). They have been overwritten in Georgian script by John Zosimus in 964-965 CE at “la Laure de S. Saba” (Judean desert), according to Brosset (1859, p. 264, 266 and 280). The Georgian folios are underwritten in Christian Palestinian Aramaic (CPA) writing, dated between the 5th and the 8th century CE. In its earliest form, CPA shares characteristics with Jewish Palestinian Aramaic and Samaritan Aramaic (Morgenstern, 2012, p. 628). CRSPC f. 103/40r-40v is the most ancient CPA witness for Mk 16:1-8a. The f.40v ends after kwlm, “and to anyone,” and cannot be counted as a witness of an end in 16:8, the next folio being missing. All the later CPA lectionaries have the longer ending (ECM of Mark, vol. I.2, p. 106). The three marginal notes show liturgical indications or canons numbering (Brock, 1999, p. 765-766). The transcription has been edited in 1998 by Christa Müller-Kessler and Michael Sokoloff (Groningen: Styx; copyright granted by Brill). The transliteration and translation have been prepared by Mark Geller (UCLA, London). © Claire Clivaz, MARK16, SNSF, CC-BY 4.0