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Huntington 17 is a bilingual paper manuscript Bohairic-Arabic with the four gospels, and consists of 457 fol. (foliated on verso with Coptic unicials) and dated to 890 AM (1174 CE). In addition to the long ending of Mark 16 in Coptic and Arabic, only the Coptic text adds the shorter ending written in the margin with a note in Arabic that it has been translated from Greek. For a detailed description see: G. Horner, The Coptic Version of the New Testament in the Northern Dialect otherwise called Memphetic and Bohairic. Volume 1: The Gospels of S. Matthew and S. Mark, edited from ms. Huntington 17 in the Bodleian Libraries. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1898, pp. xxxviii–xli. Abstract by Samuel Moawad (University of Münster), SNSF project MARK 16 © CC-BY 4.0