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NT.VMR Doc ID 640013

Or 1315

1208 C.E.

Coptic, Arabic

Albert ten Kate , Mina Monier

Mina Monier and Elisa Nury



Composed in 1208 CE, this bilingual (Copto-Arabic) manuscript contains Eusebius’ Epistle to Carpian and the four Gospels. It was dedicated to a church in Old Cairo. It contains longer introductions to each Gospel. The Coptic part is of the Bohairic dialect, while its Arabic part reflects knowledge of both Sahidic Coptic sources and other Arabic exemplars, as corrections in the margins indicate. It is also found that the Coptic text is divided according to the Ammonian sections and Sahidic chapters, written in classic Coptic numerals. While Arabic shares the same structure, it uses the medieval Coptic Epact numerals (otherwise known as Zimam). As for Mark’s end, it has both the shorter and the longer endings in accordance with the later major Greek tradition. Yet, the Shorter Ending appears in the lower margin, being added from “another source,” according to the Coptic column, while this source had been identified in the Arabic column as “the copy of Sahid.” Albert ten Kate, independant researcher (NL) and Mina Monier, SNSF project MARK 16 © CC-BY 4.0