arm 798 Images © The Matenadaran Yerevan (Armenia)

The Gospel Manuscript M 313 (arm 798) was copied in 1171 CE, in Edessa. As indicated in the colophon (f. 267v, 268r) the scribe is Yohannēs the priest and the commissioner is Sahak. It contains the four Gospels, 229 folios with 21 lines per page, uncial script, two columns. This Ms is one of the four known Armenian versions of the longer ending of Mark, Mk 16:9-20, quite different from the Armenian standard version (also from M 2374) and closer to the Greek one. Most probably the scribe didn’t have the standard Armenian version under his eyes and translated himself (or through someone else). Moreover, M 313 is the unique known Armenian exemplar of the Markan conclusio brevior (shorter ending) but placed at the end of the Gospel of Luke (f. 210b), as pointed by Colwell in 1937, and recently reminded by Dan Batovici (2022). It should be noted that no other Ms presents the Markan conclusio brevior at another place. Armine Melkonyan and Claire Clivaz, SNSF MARK16, © CC BY 4.0