arm 724 Images © The Matenadaran Yerevan (Armenia)

arm 724 or M 2374 d. 989, from Noravank (“Syunik”); 232 folios of four Gospels (fol. 1-5r: Eusebian Letter to Carpianus and Canons; fol. 5v-8v miniatures; fol.9r-72r: Matthew; fol. 72v-111v: Mark; fol. 111v-176v: Luke; fol. 173r-227r; fol.228r-229v: miniatures; fol. 230r-232v: Copyist Memorial). Scribe: Yovhannēs; uncial script, two columns; 14-17 graphemes pro line; in Mk 16, 1-20: two miniatures in margin: two women and the youngster. Textual particularities: 16,7: an -ր is wiped out at the end after անդ “there”; and also at the end of the verse the beginning of next verse was wiped out եւ իբրեւ “and when” and overwritten by ձեզ “to you”; 16,8: at the beginning of the last clause there is a question-mark “why?”(the same mark in 16,3) (“who?”); unique in textual history, but preparing 16, 9-20: interpreting this final as an answer on vs. 8; it could also be explained as an accent, thus according to textual majority; with red ink is written at this place by a later hand (14th-15th): “by Ariston the elder”, later thus explaining the long addition. Albert ten Kate, SNSF MARK16, CC BY 4.0