arm 252 Images © Chester Beatty Library

NT.VMR Doc ID 910252

Arm 554

1174 CE

Classical Armenian

Albert ten Kate

Mina Monier



arm 252 (CBL Arm 554) is an Armenian manuscript containing the four Gospels, written in 1174 (Armenians year 623) in Edessa by Barsegh for the cleric Grigor, as indicated in the colophon. It also contains the portraits of the four Evangelists, the Letter of Eusebius and Canon tables. Written in one column, it contains 253 folios. Size is 25.5 x 16.5 cm. It is currently located in the Chester Beatty Library and has not been digitized, a part of the two folios f. 120v and 121r, which are presented in the SNSF project MARK16. The f.121v contains Luke’s portrait (see Plate 1A in der Nerssian’s catalogue). The Gospel according to Mark ends at 16.8 ,in folio 121r, without any comments or marginal notes. © Claire Clivaz, SNSF project MARK 16 CC-BY 4.0