Folio 128r
Sunday Gospel 2: in (that time), the sabbath had passed
Col 1

Mc 230 Incipit 2301Mark 16:1When the Sabbath had passed, Mary Reading 2
ⰷ      † 2Magdalene, Mary the mother
Mt 335 3of James and Salome bought⁘Cinnamon and [...]
4herbs in order to, once arrived,
Mc 231 5anoint him.2 Very231
6early in the morning, on the first day of the
Mt 335 (?)7week, they went to the tomb while
Lc 3368the sun was already shining.3 They were saying
Jn 2099to each other: Who will push
10for us the stone away from the door
11of the tomb? 4 Having looked,
12they saw that the stone
13had been rolled away, and it was very
14large.5 Having entered the tomb,
15they saw a young man sitting
16 on the right, dressed in a white
17garment, and they were frightened.
232186He said to them: Do not be
Mc 232 19frightened. Is it Jesus of Nazareth, the crucified, whom
20you are looking for? He has risen.
Mt 353 (?) 21He is not here. This is the place where
Lc 33722he had been laid. 7 But, you two, go
23and say to his disciples
Translation by Alexey Morozov and Damien Labadie. Encoded by Mina Monier (DH+, SIB). SNSF project MARK16. © CC BY-SA 4.0
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License