Folio 128v
Col 1

1Mark 16:7and to Peter that he goes ahead of you
2in Galilee. There you will see him,
3as he told you. 8 Having
4left, they fled from the tomb,
Mc 2335because they were scared and
6frightened. They said nothing
Mt 3547to anyone because they were afraid. End
Lc 33689Having risen early in the morning, the first (End of the reading) of
2339day of the week, he appearedthe week and of matins
Beginning10first to Mary Magdalene,
in (that time)11from whom he cast out seven demons.
Reading 31210And when she had gone away, she announced it
13 Sunday Gospel 3to those who have been with him and who
14according to Mark, were lamenting and
15which is also read oncrying. 11 While hearing
16Thursday of the sixththat he was alive and that he had
17week during matinsbeen seen by her, they did not believe.
1812After these things, he appeared
19to two of them
20who went [to the field], in a different aspect,
21going to the field. 13 Those two, going
22away, announced it to the
23others, but they did not believe them
Translation by Alexey Morozov and Damien Labadie. Encoded by Mina Monier (DH+, SIB). SNSF project MARK16.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License