Folio 101v
Col 1

1conclusio brevior is incorruptible and which is for eternal
3Mark 16:9 Having risen on the morning
4of the first day of the week,
5he first appeared to
6Mary Magdalene,
7from whom
8he had cast out
9seven demons. 10She
10went to tell
11those who were with him
12while they were
13already mourning
14and crying. 11But
15when they heard
16that he lived,
17had appeared to her and was
18alive, they did not believe
20Then he appeared 12
21to two of
22them in a different
23aspect, as
24they were going to the field.
2513They told
26 their neighbourhood,
27but nobody believed them.
Col 2

114Then, again
2afterwards, he appeared
3to the Eleven while
4they were at table.
5He blamed them for the hardness of their
6hearts and their disbelief,
7because they had not believed
8those who had seen him
9resurrected. 15He said to them:
10“Go into all
11the world and preach
12the gospel to every
13creature. 16Whoever believes
14and is baptized, let him be
15saved. But whoever does not believe,
16let him be condemned.17 Now
17miracles will follow those
18who believe in this,
19and those who believe
20will perform them: in my name
21they shall cast out demons;
22they shall speak another
23and new tongue;
2418athey shall take hold of
25serpents ; if they drink any
26deadly poison,
27it shall do them no harm;

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