Folio 101r
Col 1

1Mark 16:1bMary the mother of James,
2and Salome bought
3some perfume to
4go and anoint
5his body.
62They left very early
7in the morning for the tomb
8on the first day
9of the week. As the sun
10rose, they said to 3
11each other: “Who
12will remove this stone
13from the entrance to the tomb for us?”
144And when they ran to the tomb, they saw
15the place where the
16stone had rolled away,
17and it was very
18large.5 As they came in
19the tomb, they found
20a young man
21sitting on the right
22side, wearing
23immaculate clothes.
24They were terrified.
256He said to them: “Do not be terrified.
26Are you looking for
Col 2

1Jesus of Nazareth,
2who was crucified? He has risen,
3and he is not here.
4This is the place where
5he was buried. 7Go
6and tell his disciples
7and Peter
8that he went ahead of them
9into Galilee and that they will see him,
10as he had told
128And they came out of the
13tomb and fled, for
14fear and dread
15had taken hold of them. They said
16nothing to anyone because
17they were afraid.
18conclusio breviorWhen they had finished
19saying all that he had commanded
20Peter and his people to do,
21Jesus appeared
22to them and,
23from sunrise
24to sunset,
25he sent them out to preach
26the holy gospel which

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