Folio 68v

1 Mark 16:6“Do not be afraid. Are you looking
2 for Jesus of Nazareth,
3 who was crucified? Behold,
4 he has risen. He is not
5 here. This is the
6 place where he was buried.
7 7But go and
8 tell his disciples
9 and Peter : He
10 went ahead of you
11 into Galilee. There you will
12 see him, just as he told
13 you.” 8When they heard this,
14 they came out of the tomb and ran,
15 for fear and dread
16 had taken hold of them. They said
17 nothing to anyone
18 because they were afraid.
19 9When he had risen on the morning of
20 the first day of the week, he appeared
21 first to Mary
22 Magdalene, from whom
23 he had cast out seven

1 demons.
2 10She went and told
3 those who were with
4 them as they were still weeping and
5 lamenting. 11When they
6 heard that he was alive
7 and that they had seen him,
8 they did not
9 believe. 12After these things
10 he appeared, in a
11 different guise, to two
12 of them
13 who were on their way
14 to the field.
15 13When they went
16 to tell their neighbours about it,
17 they again did not
18 believe them. 14Then,
19 while they were at table,
20 he appeared to the
21 Eleven and blamed them
22 them for their lack
23 of faith and the thickness

1 of their hearts, because
2 they had not believed
3 those who had seen him
4 resurrected.
5 He said to them: 15Go
6 into the entire world
7 and preach the gospel
8 in all the creation.
9 16Whoever believes and is
10 baptized, let him be saved. But whoever
11 does not believe, let him be condemned. 17These
12 are the miracles that will follow
13 those who believe
14 in my name: they shall cast out
15 demons; they shall speak
16 a new tongue; 18they
17 shall take the serpent in their
18 hands, but it will not hurt them;
19 they shall drink deadly
20 poison, but it will
21 not affect them; they shall lay
22 their hands on
23 the sick and heal them.

Translated by Dr. Damien Labadie. Encoded by Dr. Mina Monier, DH+, SIB (C) 2020 SNSF project MARK16, SIB, Lausanne, CC-BY-4.0
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License
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