Folio 68r
Col 3

1 Mark 16:1When
2 it was the Sabbath,
3 Mary Magdalene,
4 Mary the mother of
5 James, and Salome
6 bought some
7 ointment to go
8 and anoint him.
9 2On the first day of the week,
10 very early in the morning, they arrived

11 at the tomb as the
12 sun rose, 3saying
13 to each other:
14 Who will push
15 the stone from the door
16 of the tomb for us? 4They observed and
17 saw that the stone had been pushed,
18 and it was very
19 large. 5And when they came in and saw
20 a young man sitting
21 on the right side, clothed
22 in a white garment, they
23 were afraid. 6He said to them:

Translated by Dr. Damien Labadie. Encoded by Dr. Mina Monier, DH+, SIB (C) 2020 SNSF project MARK16, SIB, Lausanne, CC-BY-4.0
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License
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