3 manuscripts available.

Future facets
GA 03
Vat. gr. 1209
Ancient Greek
4th century CE
(abstract) Dated to the 4th century, Codex Vaticanus Graecus is one of the earliest biblical codices. The Gospel of Mark ends at page 1303. The last verse is Mark 16:8 in lines 25-31 of the second column, followed by the concluding subscriptio Κατα Μαρκον. Instead of starting the Gospel of Luke in the (...)
GA 1
Ancient Greek
12th century CE
(abstract) This important manuscript has been identified as a representative of a family of manuscripts, defined by Kirsopp Lake as Family 1 (f1). Along with the 10th century GA 1582, we find the following note that introduces the long ending: “Εν τισι μεν των αντιγραφων εως ωδε πληρουται ο ευαγγελιστης εως (...)
GA 304
Pr. Gr. 194
Ancient Greek
12th century CE
(abstract) Next to Sinaiticus and Vaticanus, GA 304 is mentioned in the footnotes of successive critical editions of the New Testament as one of the three Greek witnesses to the short ending (16:8). This minuscule codex is a commentary in the form of catena. The final biblical lemma (Mark 16:1-8) is written (...)